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Flag Banners

Flag banners that reach high points for quality and durability.

Flag banners are perfect for outdoor sign postings at a high point. Flag banners require minimal support due to the light weight fabric print and telescopic framed poles. This makes flag banners appealing to most, either as a fixed or portable display item.

Teardrop Flag Banners and Bali Flag Banners

The Weather Maker supplies custom flag pole banners and supporting structures along with Bali Flag Banners and Teardrop Flag Banners in Adelaide. Teardrop and Bali Flag banners are easy to set up, dismantle and transport, usually taking less than a couple of minutes for entire assembly.

All of our portable flag banners come with either a ground spike or 4 legged stand and carry bag. We provide a full colour single sided digital print as standard, which provides 60% strikethrough mirror image on the other side. We provide double sided printing as an option, allowing for full colour coverage on each side. 
The Weather Maker can supply and install flag poles and banner flags at custom heights with different finishing options.

If you want flag banners that will last for years, don’t hesitate to contact The Weather Maker for a no obligation quote today.

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