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Press Release: The Weather Maker Predicts Big Things For Australia’s Sign Trade

Predicting the weather has never been an exact science, and the same could be said for predicting the latest trends in sign making. However, one new company is forecasting a pleasant change for the sign trade.

Recently launched in Adelaide, The Weather Maker is a new sign making venture with a focus on helping other sign shops grow their business, while creating unique signage solutions for architects and designers.

Owner and Managing Director, David Sherwell, returns to the sign industry as the visionary behind The Weather Maker. As the successful founder and operator of Jack Rabbit Imaging for ten years, David’s experience and love for the sign trade spans more than fifteen years, providing commercial and architectural signage, wide-format print, and 3D environmental graphics solutions.

The Weather Maker is a new entity for David with premises in Thebarton, South Australia housing the latest, cutting-edge signage technologies — which he shares with the trade, along with a full consultation service.

For the sign trade, David’s speciality lays in the supply of fabricated acrylic lettering. Entirely Australian made in-house by craftsman sign makers, the fabricated letters can be specified as illuminated, non-illuminated, painted or vinyl wrapped. Meanwhile, the cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and sustainability of LED modules is a big part of the business’ green footprint.

Additionally, David can assist sign makers with the fabrication of both aluminium and steel signs.

David is also quick to point out:

  • Some companies source their acrylic lettering from overseas. The Weather Maker 3D signs are entirely Australian made and manufactured, and shipped Australia wide.
  • The pricing reflects a true trade rate and is extremely competitive with overseas manufacturers due to international shipping costs.
  • Acrylic letter fabrication is a specialty craft and David has the expertise and experience to create stunning 3D sign solutions that fills a gap within the industry.
  • The Weather Maker uses the latest machine tools (including laser cutting and CNC flatbed routing) to create precise and accurate 3D signage. He also uses advanced acrylic fabrication techniques, which allows for trade prices and a quick turn around.
  • Full installation service is available for the trade if in Adelaide.

With the launch of The Weather Maker, David Sherwell’s long-held love of constructing, installing and managing signage projects has reached next-level.

A genuine love of the sign trade means David can help out other sign companies not only with 3D acrylic lettering but also with his expertise in providing innovative engineering solutions for both interior and exterior branded signage and environmental installations.

His collaboration with, and ongoing commitment to, supporting not only local creative industries but Australia’s sign trade, will enable The Weather Maker to deliver timely sign projects of superior quality across the nation…and showcase the unique and creative possibilities of 3D signage.


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