Changing the way we see the world.
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Press Release: The Weather Maker Forecasts Big Changes For Signage In SA

Creative signage company The Weather Maker has launched in Adelaide with a passion for taking business brands and transforming them into uniquely engaging sign, print, and environmental graphics solutions.

With a tagline of ‘Changing the way we see the world’, The Weather Maker services architects, builders, commercial property owners, retailers, and design and creative agencies.

Owner and Managing Director David Sherwell aims to bring brands to life with unique signage experiences that customers physically see, feel, touch and…remember.

The successful founder and operator of Jack Rabbit Imaging for 10 years, Mr Sherwell has more than 15 years of experience providing commercial and architectural signage, wide-format print, and environmental graphics solutions.

“I saw a gap in the market to incorporate the latest thinking and technologies into the architectural, business, and design community,” Mr Sherwell said.

“We’ve incorporated cutting-edge signage technologies using a diverse range of materials, a unique fixing method and inventive engineering solutions. From specification and proof to construction and installation, each ‘Weather Maker’ project promises to showcase the incredible possibilities and ingenuity for both interior and exterior branded signage and environmental installations.”

The Thebarton based company has a growing portfolio of quality clients, including Italia Ceramics, Zuerst, Periscope Media, and many more.

Mr Sherwell said his long-held love of constructing, installing and managing brand signage projects had now reached the next level.

“I love collaborating with brand custodians and supporting the local architectural, commercial and creative industries — we believe we can change the way people see, feel, touch and experience brands.”


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