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CNC Routing

CNC routing and profile cutting allows The Weather Maker to transform your design into a high quality sign project.

The Weather Maker takes advantage of the most modern tools and techniques to deliver quality signage in Adelaide. Our CNC, or computer numerical control, routing machine allows us to transform and cut a variety of materials and customise the shape of your signage to meet the exact requirements.

CNC routing gives us the ability to provide you with compelling and unique signs that simply can’t be produced as quickly or accurately with hand operated tools.  The CNC routing technology that The Weather Maker utilises is operated by a computer program and is always monitored by a qualified CNC operator who is actively involved in the production of your sign.

Throughout our profile cutting process, The Weather Maker provides you with professional and high quality signs that meet any specification. CNC routing and profile cutting services allow The Weather Maker to continually deliver quality sign projects efficiently and effectively.

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