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Sign Fabrication

We love doing sign fabrication, and like the weather, we are accustomed to changing.

At the Weather Maker, we love doing fabrications, and like the Adelaide weather, we are accustomed to changing. We embrace the latest trends, customer needs, and technology in our signs. For metal and acrylic substrates through to building material components, we use a variety of techniques, starting from welding, cutting, drilling and routing.

Some of the uses of fabricated signs are custom structures, company logos, school emblems and crests, commercial signage and building identification. The technology we use to fabricate and make signs has been perfected by The Weather Maker. Our technicians are trained in traditional fabrications, and also in the latest methods to make intricate designs come to life.

At the Weather Maker, we fabricate everything except lies. Here we are true to our word, and our products are evidence of that. No design is too hard for us. We aim to not only satisfy our clients, but we invest our passion and desire in what we do. We aim to be the best when it comes to the products we make.

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