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Illuminated Lightbox Signs Adelaide

Carefully crafted Illuminated, lightbox & LED signs that light up the skies.

At The Weather Maker, we create illuminated lightbox signs for our Adelaide workshop using neon, fluorescent and LED technology. To make them lightweight, lightboxes are generally constructed from either aluminium or acrylic. Durability is another reason for the use of these materials. Along with custom-built lightboxes, The Weather Makers supplies a range of off-the-shelf lightbox and illuminated sign solutions.

At The Weather Maker, most illuminated signs are constructed using LED illuminated technology for the following reasons:

  • LED is the preferred illumination option for its cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendliness.
  • LED signs provide the most brightness and clarity when compared to other lighting solutions.
  • LED’s have low power consumption and generally do not need any ongoing maintenance.
  • We use LED modules to illuminate custom made 3D letters, lightboxes, or as a front-lit solution.
  • The Weather Maker provides RGB LED signage lighting, capable of producing more than 4 billion colour combinations.

The Weather Maker is at the forefront of LED illumination and sign technology. All of our illuminated signs are carefully crafted for quality and durability whilst being ADA compliant.

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